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Smile Show Me The Money!!

OH Pammie,

You are the first to get the ball running here on this Thread concerning MONEY!! A lot of people feel that focusing on money is not as important as other more "spiritual" things.

Well nothing makes me more happy than to see the people I love, having all that they desire!! Moria visiting me here in Florida so that I can take her and her beautiful daughter to Walt Disney World!!, Pammie and her BIG-ASS House so that she can display Pamela's Phenomenal Energy Paintings, and Pamela with her own Art Gallery displaying all of her works so that many People can be healed by just looking at them!!!! All this takes money!! Money is nothing but energy!!

Moria, Pamela, Pammie, and anyone else who is reading this and resonating with desiring, Wealth and Abundance (which of course includes Money); get ready since I will be focused on making Energetic Corrections concerning Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance for this whole week among other things!!

Being on the Paths Modules assists those of you to "pick up" the corrections I am making much more easily! I myself have noticed how my CEM has evolved since I began using Paths!! We are working here with the subconscious mind which is connected to the whole! There is no separation! I can make such a bold statement because I BELEIVE! It only takes ONE!!

Just don't forget to post even if all you do is happen on a $20 dollar bill on the street!
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