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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
I'm in total agreement with you , if you look at my lates post in 3d Electromagnetics, Roy J. Meyers: Absorber (Atmospheric Electrical Generator) ,

one of the prerequisite for his apparatus is the North - South Placement

many think that Earth electromagnetic field is negligible within the context of their experiment, which i believe is a mistake...many talk about fine tuning their circuit, but in relations to what , if not the electromagnetic field of the earth...

This is what Iv been thinking about if the earth is a big magnet, one stream of particles is entering the earth at one pole, one is leaving, our inductors are producing both particles one is attracted to the earth one is repeled depending on where your location is in relation to the poles.

There are many factors to consider, will do more testing, Im going to flip polaritys on my coils in relation to earth and will post results, ice is amazing a window into the unknown.

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