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Stopping the Coming Ice Age

Originally Posted by Don Weaver View Post
Greetings; the film is called "Stopping the Coming Ice Age" and I helped
Larry Ephron and his "People for a Future" organization distribute it
and his companion book, THE END: the imminent ice age and how we can
stop it!, during the 1987-1990 period. We distributed about 6,000 copies
of each and, while Larry was preparing a revised 2nd edition of
the book for publication, he suddenly died at age 52, and the 2nd
edition never came out. His organization also ended and The Video Project
kept distributing the film for I think a few more years. There are a few references to it online under the title above, but I don't think either the video project or are currently a functional distributor or online source. Larry's sister Lynne Sarafian was still making copies of it available, last I heard, so you could try calling her at (650) 465-4034 (cell) to inquire. She may need a few copies ordered at once to inspire her to get a new batch made on dvd. Please look at Welcome to Remineralize the Earth and consider contributing to the Forum there as well, if you wish.

For Life & Regeneration,
Don and Everybody,

Stopping the Coming Ice Age is available as either a DVD or a free download at:

Stopping the Coming Ice Age

Anyone who has not seen this film should take the time to view it. It remains the clearest message available in contrast to the politically correct "Global Warming" media hypnosis.

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