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@John - You mention pressure changes in the video and we hear music playing in the background. At risk of sounding odd again, could there be a piezo-electric effect within the crystal structures that could be enhanced ?
My thoughts being, that vibrations of music are all the way through the ranges of sound and pressure waves. Some of those waves may naturally oscillate the crystal structures and improve the performance of a cell ?
People talk to plants and play music at them...people relax with music or may dance to it, depending on energy level and how it makes them feel.
Further to that, perhaps a white/pink noise generator could be the operating oscillator circuit and the speaker vibrations would pass directly into a cell. One thing I do know, is about your history regarding fine grade audio amplifiers and audio application circuits, so an audio generator running from the actual cell may be feasible !

@Seth - hows about sticking a cell next to a hi-fi speaker ? and thanks for trying the other idea.

For fun, because of taking note about required ingredients and no real experience in this, I built up a silly battery. The idea was to make a bad one and improve from that known point, but mix in the concrete type cell idea that I hadn't tried either.
As people like John and Seth continue their work, i'd like to get better at the actual construction and mixing, while following along.
After the pleasant surprise shown in the video below, the cell has now dried out over the last 2 days, to about 20% of the small water content that was used to mix the ingredients. It now merely flickers the Joule Thief test circuit. But, it wasn't awful when first made.
About 0.9V @ 9mA, now down to about 0.45V @ 2mA. One thing noted - it has been much better with no load, sinking heavily with a load.
Included in the melting pot:
Half a dozen copper pennies that sit on a beer bottle cap for insulation
Coke can, sanded inside
Mortar - 2 tablespoons
Teaspoon of Iodized salt
Teaspoon of baking soda
Several shakes of a table salt dispenser
1/2 teaspoon of onion powder (for the heck of it)
All done with more similarity to the Swedish Chef on Sesame Street, than John Hutchison.

Hybrid battery cell - YouTube
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