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Hi John B,

That's a neat little circuit, putting the LED where the NE-2 normally goes.

Are you using base-collector and base-emitter resistors, like in the solid state SG circuit?

I will try this circuit with those solar cells.

John K.

Originally Posted by John_Bedini View Post
It is on the Energenx you tube channel, or it is just an SG oscillator circuit without the diode. you wind 35 ft of # 40 wire b-filer into a coil form
one 2n2222 transistor and a 1.6 k base resistor. the led is between the collector and emitter.
The diode is not used in this circuit, same as the SG motor except the oscillator is forced by bringing the triggered coil wire that normally goes to ground of the circuit to the positive source instead.
John B
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