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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
right now, if you asked me what set up is the most likely to produce a quantifiable amount of energy, i would say :

the hydro magnetic generator, which i recommend you read the description to understand why I am proposing the following variant to a tesla coil:

the toroid would be replaced with a copy of the Hydro Magnetic generator but instead of using barrium as he did, you replace it with quartz coating (nanopool)...and the hydro part played by Mstate water enjoy

as the water moves in the coated toroid it erodes the quartz and carries with it nano particule of quartz which increases the potential

....however i would like to point out that as you will read the post on the hydro magnetic generator, examples abound in space, as such in space water goes through a rapid cycle of liquid to ice due to shock wave and electric discharge
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