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Originally Posted by cepop View Post

Check out this link for more info on the Clem engine.

Micro-Combustion Homepage - 11/05/09


I came across MicroCombustion while researching Clem. They have nothing, and there story is pretty ridiculous. We are suppose to believe that this NASA scientist work side by side with Richard Clem to develop a new version of the engine but Clem never showed him the original work?

Clems daughter claims there is a patent on the engine. MicroCombustion claims Clem was not smart enough to get the engine patented. Regardless Clem did not work with combustion.

I have re-designed my turbine based on some basic principles shown on the above linked YouTube video. Conversing is done prototyping begins. I figure it will take 8 months to build the entire engine. From that, the turbine will take 5-6 months alone, built from scratch.

Here is part of my custom Turbine design. It will be made from 1/4" steel plate all welded.
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