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This morning I placed the copper mag alum cells in a fish tank along with the WM so I could control the temperature. I placed a 100watt incandescent lamp above and sealed the tank w/ plastic to keep the heat in.

When I first turned the light on the temp went from 65 to 71 w/in minutes so the magnesium was not warm but the copper was beginning to warm.
the voltage climbed from 1.57 to 2.05 w/in those same minutes.

At the end of the day, the tank settled to 86 degrees F. and the voltage settled down to 1.86

Is this telling me that the energy from my setup might be sensitive to the difference in temp between the magnesium and the copper? any other suggestions for experimenting w/ this are more than welcome.

The crystals have doubled in size since the beginning of the week. I have not watered all week. I'll water when/if the motor ever stops.


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