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Just on the last note there, about the H2. I saw someone in a different thread was using a cell and running the generated gas to bubble through water for several hours and reported that this water was beneficial for him to drink.

What I was wondering (as I am looking into all of this stuff a little now) is, is it even possible to infuse water with hydrogen by just letting hydrogen gas bubble inside a glass of water? So would the net result just be the same water you started with?

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
My book is intended to be short and sweet for the layman. If anyone wants a more technical description, get Dr. Gary Samuelson's book here: The Science of Healing Revealed It's only $3.50

I will be adding more to mine when I get a chance but it will still be simple.

Most of those benefits could be had with an MWO (one that is actually built right - 99.99% of all the ones currently available are fake).

The acidic nature you mention is rampant through much of the population and goes hand in hand with chronic inflammation throughout the body - related to just about every dis-comforts we know of. That is all oxidative stress and is reversible with the redox signaling molecules at a rate that is faster and at a more foundational level than anything currently available.

Even just the H2 alone is highly anti-inflammatory - all these studies are in the published literature and much is coming out of Japan since they are so fanatical about water research.
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