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Hi and sorry for the late reply.
The setup was very messy with all bare wires and high voltages, if you wasn't carefull, you could get shocked. But that is all. I started using this water few days ago again, because I was starting to feel tired all day. And I must say that I am now much better off. Will continue using it.
I intend to make a flow-through water conditioner, it will have a membrane with a plastic channem maze on each side and then some stainless steel plates on the outside. Kinda lieke a hho cell. The maze will insude steady and long water flow through the electrolyzer. This will make alkalized water on demand whenever you want it. I also might add some peltier elements so that the water can come out cold or hot, for tea or coffee for example. My experiments show that temperatures do not influence the charge of the water much. I tried boiling the alkalized water and then measure the ORP level and it was the same
Such a device should be at every home. Will post pictures as soon as I have something.
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