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Bedini Earth Light / Crystal Cell

To all,
Again I will say if you are looking for big currents with the Crystal Cells your making a big mistake. I have run the graphs on the mixture he gave I do not see anything special. I wont argue with anybody about what it is. I do not see the Casimir effect working with this at all, I do not see it scaving any energy, The Rochelle salts has been known for a long time as being piezoelectric in nature. What I see is an Electret with some power in Milliamp 7 to 150 max.

The Epsom salts generates electron flow between metal plates. I think that I will do a few more experiments with this reverse detector and see what I get. The Casimir effect takes place between anything, but the effect is to small. I have not tried silver electrodes yet but I will, I will even grow the crystals. I suggest you all read T T Brown, Then read all about Marcus Reid. That is a real mixture as I posted before, I have done that test and it works like he said. As for collecting Zero Point Energy have it proven to you. Barium Ferrite, yes does generate energy and does give small amounts that can and does power things, quarts plated glass does the same thing.

When talking to Tom Bearden about all of this He said he never said anything about a plating process to anybody and I believe him. If your going to play with low power Crystals then expect to make low power circuits. It's not going to run your house, it might give a desk lamp and that is it.

If you do not know what the real electrodes are you cant duplicate anything. The other thing here, if this was the answer to the energy crisis you would have had it by now as many people have been working on all of this. The battery industry would have this first and they would build it to fail so you would have to buy another one and would not know the difference. I'm sure the black government projects have this and even better, you will never see it from them.

Someone telling you to twist coils and put it in the mix must prove that, I don't see any proof. If you buy a small solar motor and run it with this mix it does work for some time. As I said the impedance of these cells is very high 1 meg ohm so how much power can you get through that?
More later
John B
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