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Originally Posted by mr.clean View Post
The ONLY missing piece to the kapa is the k561 hex inverter, what that is & how to connect it. Then i will test the Kapa that SR193 & FreenergyLT have built.
Hi mr.clean,

The Russian K561 IC family corresponds to the CMOS 4000 IC family. There are further letters and numbers in the type designation so you have to know it to pick an equivalent CD4000 type.
My earlier findings showed that K561LA7 was involved which is exactly a CD4011. Others say it is k561LN2 which is a CD4069, a hex inverter indeed, (the CD4011 is a hex NAND gate).

Because the K561 is believed to function as an astable RC oscillator at 50 Hertz, any of the two CMOS ICs can be used of course. Here is a supposed schematics on the 50 Hz square wave oscillator: • katso viestiketjua - Georgialaisen maapatteri and go down to the middle of that long page.

Here is info on the K561 IC series:
Sowjetische CMOS-Schaltkreise

(Of course some rules for the CMOS handling and operating should be observed like all the unused INPUT pins of the CMOS IC should be tied to the most negative supply voltage i.e. to that of pin 7.)

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