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Originally Posted by zilano View Post
Hi kurt!

i havent made any vids till now. i want people to strive and learn and use brains first. coz if u give knowledge as a throwaway replicators can replicate easily but they wont know the idea and the basic behind the dons technology. let people learn. give them knowledge. but let people try it first themselves. i will be posting vids also but this is not right time. lets see no no members replicate with knowledge gained on here.lets see some progress !

though i have posted my crude circuit. my first attempt circuit which gave 250 v dc 2.5 kw output with 12 volt 120 watt input on here. i fine tuned it and scaled up to 10 kw 230-250 ac 50 hz.


zilano zeis zane
Wow buddy, cant wait to see that monster in action
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