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Don Smith replication & Thane Heins & Kapanadze plans

Originally Posted by penno64 View Post
Hi Kurt,

Nice to see you here.

Have you made more progress on the REGENERATION (Hanes) gear?

If you're looking for someone to replicate your DS stuff, drop me an PM or just post it.

Have a good one,

Thanks man i appreciate the welcome
Oh jeez i cant wait to build a massive vehicle-driving perepiteia/Thane Heins. I want to use a more functional horsepower motor, plus have HV coils that read in the hundreds of volts, not just 30 something volts
But the Don Smith was actually on the list first, & with electricity going up here, im eager to work on this one.
I also have what looks like the full schematic for the Kapanadze 9volt single pulse self-running 3-5kw deal. not the JLN.
Never lost faith in Don, his is simply a magnetic induction version of PATENT 336,961 & 336,962 being the improvement.
Kapa has even said he used a Tesla design Lol
The ONLY missing piece to the kapa is the k561 hex inverter, what that is & how to connect it. Then i will test the Kapa that SR193 & FreenergyLT have built.
I will make a schematic of the present state of my DS, but just never made one for this build, just used Teslas old 1880 something drawings but using induction instead of the armature...very easy, just tuning is not obvious to the eye, & just like the radio station, a bit over or below & it wont work.
I owe my results to the closeness in weight in copper of L1 & 2, not so much the length of wire, but im always learning.
* so ultimately big deal, you may go thru a bunch of L1s to find the right tune, but i think tuning could be done with perfect lengths alone to resonante, then use storage/smoothing caps somehow except caps have only diminished output for me so far... more experiments will tell:J
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