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@ Aaron
I will finish reading your book in a few days. And you know what? I'm very interested in this field that maybe I could propose you to make a bigger book or to include some experimentation or more info.

As you say, about the philosopher stone there was a lot of speculation about what it could be. I read from T. Bearden that there were different philosopher stones. The most known are the ormus and other that was like a strong solvent that help to eliminate all the acids from the body. You know that aging and/or disease is due (in part) to an accumulation of acidic waste within the body. The overaccumulation of that waste interrup the good communication as you explain.

About Priore, I read that he wasn't mixing the 17 frequencies in his machine. He said that to mislead people about his true technique. Tom Bearden explains about all those things you said (PPCM, Time reversal waves...) but I think his metodology was much more simple. I investigated what books Priore read and I bought them. In the books that Priore read there is nothing about PPCM and those kind of things. In those books you can read, mainly, about the electrical polarization of the cell. I know it can be done with more complex techniques, but I think Priore didn't made it very complex. I have also heard that after his 'death', some unknown people were improving his device in a private laboratory.

I say you that because I met an inventor in my country that made a "free energy" device and a machine that he claimed it was possible to reverse not only cancer, but a lot of diseases, and I read a document he wrote and surprisingly I read almost the same like that man. And also, surprisingly, this man doesnt appears in Google if you search for him. You only get 1 result in english because my friend wrote something about him. In Spanish you get more. So I think there are a lot of inventors (maybe bigger that those we know) that are occult...
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