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Don Smith by Mrclean

Originally Posted by zilano View Post
hI Penno!

thanks for the support. dont worry am not dettered easily. knowledge must be shared. and i will keep sharing. keep posting. people who dont try say it cant be done. am of the thinking when it cant be done then it must be done.
i never loose hope. failures do happen but they make u learn more.
edison tried 1000 times for electric bulb why cant we?


zilano zeis zane
Hi guys, love the discussion.
i appreciate the reference to my vids.
I want to be clear that Im doing this build because Don had said himself that if we're interested in this device, & we wanted to actually see one in our lifetime...that we'd be better off building our own.

Don's credentials on top of his verbal recommendations...on top of his info, AND instruction, were enough for me to at least try it.
So far im enjoying the progress. From no light at first, to being able to burn out bulbs is very exciting.

Zilano, it seems you have done a lot of study, cant wait to see what comes out of your work
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