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biological limitations in the body

I agree, many things have come along over the years.

What the philosopher's stone is - is still speculation if it was ormus, etc...

But what all the supplements, etc... have in common is that they are dependent on the body's own ability to produce what it can.

This product is supplying the body with an enormous supply of the redox signaling molecules directly way above and beyond what any body can produce on its own - with zero toxic effects and nothing but benefits. Even a newborn baby's 100% cellular efficiency cannot compete with the amount of redox signaling molecules this product provides.

Time reversal possibilites are also working with what the body can produce on its own and still can't match directly giving the body the redox signaling molecules. This is like the PPCM (pump phased conjugated mirrors) concept like in the so-called Priore Methodology getting the cells to access their past time domain info to revert back. I'm all for those technologies if they work as claimed and even if they do - again, limited to what the body can produce on its own.
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