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Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post

Wonder how ORMUS differs from this...
That is a good question. There is in Spain a scientist that 5 years ago made an breakthrought discovery (or re-discovery) of a theory similar to yours. He said that the body is an electrical entity and he was able to calculate the 'metabolic equations' and with those equations he was able to know what disease you could have. He said that the body is governed by mathematical functions and some chemical substances can alter that equilibrium.

He sold some 'powders' that he called 'the factors'. Following a low carbohydrate diet with those powders he show that he was able to reverse diabetes, and a different bones problems. Of course, he was suppresed by the pharma industry.
One of the powders is Glycine and the other is L-Aspartic Acid. I know that he discovered up to 12 factors (I don't know the name of the others). and maybe much more. But I think he is working in private and almost no new are avaiable to the public.

Aaron, what you know about the antioxidant effect of radiations? I have read that living organism submerged in a scalar field can be engineered so disease or aging can be accelerated or reversed.

There was also a scientist that worked in Manhattan project that also discovered the equations of the body. He developed some kind of drops to restore the balance of the body.

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