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Originally Posted by ewizard View Post
I'm more inclined to think he has something but can't clearly convey it. Maybe some pictures or video's well done would clarify if there is anything here.
Actually thats the other Thing i miss, no real Backround there, just Castles in the Air, a lot 'Suggestions' what may some take blind over, in hope that there is something, but there will not be anything.
The Theories what he sproad can anyone else put together, when he looks some closer at Don Smith Devices, doesnt mean, that someone really has something, and what we now here got is more Mess and Misinformations then anything.

The only thing you really can do at Don Smith's Devices is, build it, tune it, Days or even Weeks, change the Coils, and Components and then you can show something, but not hypothetically shot in the Dark with any Informations what you can find, and hope someone do rebuild it.

And when you wanna have really Informations about it, then the Informations what you allready can download are actually enough.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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