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Originally Posted by Joit View Post
Well Drak,
forget it, that you will build any usefull here.

That Informations, what this Zilano, not sure if this is only a Bot or a Spammer shows is nothing, as a lot of Mess.
Most of it i had allready posted at an other Thread, seems he did collect it, and now warm it up, all what is left are 2 Pages with a lot Crap and jabbering.
IE suggesting DC Caps, there is no Way for that. And the Rest from this Pages here, not worth to read through.

Another Disinformations agent, what jam another Threat, maybe he should first start with learn how to write, because it looks like, this is a 14 Year old Boy from his spelling.
Probably more like Italian and English is not his first language or maybe he's using a translator like Google. If he has anything it's certainly not making any sense to me either. I don't think he's a bot or spammer though and I doubt a disinfo agent either as his disinfo wouldn't fool anyone. I'm more inclined to think he has something but can't clearly convey it. Maybe some pictures or video's well done would clarify if there is anything here.
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