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alternative but not quite

Originally Posted by krzysiek View Post
Hi Ash,

I myself live in Aus but want to at least try this product out here in Australia. Seems there is no way for me to do it? Wish they had something set up here, I would go and pick it up even. PLEASEEE PM me Ash if you find a supplier that can ship it down here at a reasonable rate.

Also, can someone explain in laymans terms the difference between alkanising and ionising water such that is has a high pH value and high negative ORP value, compared to the ASEA product? It seems Jetjis was making his own ionised water with high ORP value and high pH value and he was feeling a lot from that... so I am wondering if just buying a high end ioniser and drinking that water will suffice for now, as ASEA is not readily available here in Aus.
I have sent some to personal friends in Australia. Not for resale and not for promoting business building. If you want int'l info, sign up for this: ASEA - Advancing Life International Launch Notification list

Alkaline water for example from Kangen, etc... is negatively charged water. Antioxidant water - if that option is chosen. Can be acid water good for skin and sanitizing more. MOST of the feeling people are getting is from the increase oxygenation and it does wonders for the body. That water is anti-inflammatory (reduced water) and can kill pathogens (reactive oxygen water) from the oxygenation. It has to be consumed fairly rapidly because it is not stabilized.

The higher the ORP, the higher the ORAC score so to speak. Basically is nothing more than a rating of how negatively charged it is and what its ability is to be able to neutralize free radicals. But when exogenous antioxidants are ingested and they neutralize a free radical, if they can even be activated to do so, they will turn into a free radical themselves, just a weaker one.

Most of the benefit from these waters from the machines for example is the oxygenation benefits with water that is wetter (reduced surface tension) so it hydrates the body better. The Kangen water is so good at this I believe it is considered a medical device in Japan - the water is considered a medicine.

Suffice for now is very subjective but those ionizers are good machines, they just have some downfalls the industry never foresaw and are only a small part of the story since the sodium and chlorine derivatives aren't a part of it.

If I didn't have the stabilized redox signaling molecules, I would get an ionizing water machine. But I would make sure to take something like NAC as a regular part of my regimen: How to Boost Glutathione With NAC | It won't be anything close to what the balanced redox signaling molecules are but at least helping to boost our natural glutathione even if just a bit can help to neutralize the oxidative damage caused by the reactive oxygen molecules made from those machines. Forget about taking glutathione supplements - most is destroyed in the stomach.

It really doesn't do it justice even doing this but it is at least moving in the right direction. Hope this helps.
Aaron Murakami

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