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Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post
Also i didn't add, this stuff is not a cure all like the idea any one has of "MMS", you need organic super foods GREENS (juicing and fiber dehydrated snacks) EXERCISE and to not be around carcinogenic substances.
Ash, we of course can hardly say anything and can only give legally compliant testimonials.

MMS has benefits but the downfall is that there is nothing to neutralize the massive oxidative stress caused by it. This has always been the case. Basically, it is extremely out of balance. Antioxidants could be taken after a serving of it but only an infinitesimally small amount of those can be activated by our naturally produced RS molecules by the mitochondria.

It just keeps coming back to the stabilized and balanced redox signaling molecules - it is the only game in town to get the benefits of various chlorine derivatives while simultaneously giving the body exactly what it needs to prevent the oxidative stress by those derivatives. Its super genius really and there is nothing else available that can touch it.

This certainly isn't a replacement for nutrition and exercise we definitely need that and I would hope everyone would take up qigong!
Aaron Murakami

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