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PS: SHORTCUT: JUST REVERSE UR COIL THEN U DONT NEED ANOTHER COIL. make primary coil as secondary and secondary as primary so it will be a step down. u will get resonance this time also but it will be a step down and resonating too.dont change physical arrangement of the coil just swap primary and secondary wires
???? Are we still talking about two sets of coils? Or are you saying I only need a primary and a secondary? Reverse the secondary? The secondary is glued in place and no mater which way I flip it it is still wound in the same direction. I was thinking I have an L1/L2 then another set of L1/L2 with L1 being the same as L2 in the first set of coils and L2 being the same as L1 in the first set. You are confusing me, lol. I appreciate your help though.
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