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low/high vibration

Hi guys. I have a question I hope someone can help me with.

Among spiritual and intuitive people, high frequency/vibration is good while low is bad. Science is based on assumptions, deductions, and observations. These spiritual people use whatever they can find to establish truth in their perceptions. The scientists are more inclined to being my opinion, but science almost always changes its mind eventually.

From what I can tell, there is no difinitive answer...just a bunch of assumptions. Edgar Cayce has been the most informative/knowledgable/correct as compared to science/intuitive/spiritual, in my many years of research.

Cayce healed many thousands of people, influenced all forms of science, made people rich, etc...and as compared to all others, has more proof and a better track record. He said God has no vibration, and light is lowest vibration, and we are supposed to lower vibration to be closer to God in the spiritual plane. Is it possible that we perceive things in a mirror/opposite perception as compared to reality?

We live in a negatively charged realm (magnetism/electricity), while the soul is in a positive realm. When the soul incarnates, the negative attaches to the positive to balance, and the negative is the ego. It seems to me that we have it all backwards...according to evidence.

Cayce made it very clear that God has no vibration and made the universe by putting a part of Himself in motion...creating chaos. Our universe is negative, so it should be very likely that we are exactly backwards in our spiritual/intuitive assumptions!?!?

Anyone want to help me out?
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