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Also i didn't add, this stuff is not a cure all like the idea any one has of "MMS", you need organic super foods GREENS (juicing and fiber dehydrated snacks) EXERCISE and to not be around carcinogenic substances. industrial hemp can take out most carcinogenic industries, Hidro can provide cheaper carbon negative electricity, organic whole foods can heal you and the earth.

Think about this too meditation and tantric (or Yoga, Qi Gung etc) ) for complete balances...YOU ALSO HAVE TO GET THIS INFO OUT THERE ...SO ACTIVISM IS FUNDAMENTAL , not just blogging.(but that helps )

This stuff should not be used as a substitute for the true balance i am sure we can present it in a way to EDUCATE THE REAL CURES and not SOULY as a "quick fix" , lets attack the cause not [only] plug this, this can be better than pharma drugs,

But we need the education along with it to be true difference

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