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Aaron spoke to Peter about this, it seems all the potential health benefits are not (and can never be in real time)contained on their site and the usual road blocks are there, we need biofeedback from cancer patients and others who are terminally ill to get this "out there" in real time, if you want to be millionaires, gets some cancer patients willing to sign a waver to improve their health WITH BIOFEEDBACK, what ever it costs.

I will try this on a brain cancer suffer and report for you, you and peter can use it, there is no ASEA in Australia i may need to order from you and Peter
Alt medicine is important, this type of open source info is needed the FDA will never let it go down

Teaching has to be intended and come across as empowering others to help themselves instead of creating dependance on you, help them discover their own strengths and to know their own independence . To understand not believe in their own potential for betterment . A choice is fundamental to become all your are able to be . You will only ever help people the most when you can truly show them how they can help themselves so you must
also become the educator to make the needed difference .

Thank you to you and Peter for pushing this in the FE community and for your conference calls.

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