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redox signaling molecules

Originally Posted by AetherScientist View Post
Thanks for the information Aaron
I remember that you send an email with the book? I have read a part of it because I seen it in my email.

I'm very interested in this field (I work in a work related with health) and it could be very productive that somepeople start here to make some experimentation and tests with plants and some kind of sick animals. I have in my personal collection around 200 Books in different languages about "exotic technologies" applied to health and wellness.

All the best,
Thanks. If someone wanted to experiment, they should take George Wiseman's advice about not breathing the gas if lye is used, etc... Just make plain Brown's gas with no added electrolytes, bubble it in water, etc... whatever and feed it to plants and see the results.

Electrolyzed solutions have been used for health purposes for a while. The reduced species molecules evolving at the cathode are highly anti-inflammatory - just plain h2 is anti-inflammatory. I put some references to some published papers in my book in regards to this. However, this is just the negative side of the equation and is only a few of the many molecules that the mitochondria produce - not in the correct proportion with the other RS molecules and absolutely not balanced with the ROS, which attack pathogens and signal the immune system.

This is why it must be stressed that it is the balance of the RS and ROS that is so important. All the research to date are selectively one of the molecules here ore one of the molecules there but never has there been the full balance of these 16 (non-nitrogen based) redox signaling molecules ever created outside of the body until relatively recently.

The goal is to produce them in the EXACT balance that the mitochondria produces - all else is a waste of time as far as going the redox signaling route.

If someone wants to make electrolyzed salt water to sterilize tools, etc... that is one thing but it is like chasing a perpetual motion wheel for most builders to think they're going to duplicate this in the correct balance.
Aaron Murakami

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