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A different approach to the rodin coil, that coincidentally models the star of david

Hello Folks, I am new and wanted to share a coil design of mine that I have not seen around the net. But before that, a little bit of background. I'm currently a college student. I'm studying electrical engineering and computer science, and have been programming & working with numbers for many years as a hobby. I recently discovered Marko Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics and have been extensively comparing it to many other popular number sequences and patterns, like Fibonacci, Pascal's triangle, etc. I have also found that the numerical pattern of pascal's triangle operates in multiples of 3 (Who would of thought? 3's).

Anyways, here is the coil I've designed. It is based upon a pattern I found in Pascal's triangle that I wanted to replicate as a coil, this same pattern I'm sure can be found elsewhere.

Here is the diagram for the coil, I think it will explain better than I can with words.

And here's my wrapped coil following the above design.

If this coil design already exists and has been tested, please point me towards it.

I currently do not have any equipment to truly test the coil. I will however have my function generator, oscilloscope and a few others typical gadgets of mine within 2 weeks.

Feel free to replicate the coil, test it and let me know if you discover anything abnormal.


- Braydon

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