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building a mini radiant energy charger

I am thinking of building a radiant energy charger, around a hard disk platter, or around a Cd, [I've seen them shatter at a high rpm, just an option I'm thinking about]. 10 or 8 coil, using thin wire. approx #30 and above, and see where this leads.

i think i have the materials for that, I'll be recycling old relays. 24 volt kind, they may be having more than 800 turns in them. I'll just need to add another winding. this is totally non standard, and i don't want ssg lovers whining about it.

I keep hearing "current-less", and I am going to test this and see whether radiant charging lives up to it. Going to go small scale, might even think of using SMD components, but for the sake of others who might want to try this out I'll try to make it with the most commonly available parts.

No fancy construction here, bare basics.

if any body is interested, I'll post the results.

I'm not here to debunk procedure, just going a different way.

any and all suggestions are welcome, if somebody has been there and done that, I'm all ears.

I'm working on a way to post good quality picture, but small size, [dial-up connection] does somebody know the optimal size and quality?

I'll keep posting results. [Should I start a new thread?]
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