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my circuit easily charges 42 volt condensers to 112 volts (how? i have no idea!) in fraction of seconds, ie i can easily get 2 discharges in 1 sec, (u lift the battery connection, and 112 volts there, it does not rise slowly to that voltage. smack 112 volts, discharge and again smack 112 volts) go figure. i do not want to go that way. I am not looking for a way to charge condensers.

you are missing the point in the question

try to charge a 100 ah battery in 24 hrs using ssg bifiler ( consuming 56 mA ) and i'll be impressed. bowled over.

can you produce 1000 watts of music power from car batteries? technically NO!!, but not until you boost the supply using a switch moded power supply (which is already built into a power amp that sits in the boot /trunk) and lowering the impedance of the voice coil, to 2 ohms or less. and bridging. (if you know what i am talking about). can you charge 100 ah batteries with 56 mA (or 200 mA, ie the standard ssg) within 24 hrs? this is basically THE question. I want to hear somebody say YES it can be done!

from what i read, you need to put in 120 ah to recharge a 100 ah battery to get 100%. at 56 mA? somebody do the math. don't get me wrong here, i'm all for this technology. trying to understand the nitty gritty details.

the way the voltage rises without the battery getting hot, and the cold bubbling, is what makes me continue this project. and the higher voltage at which the battery rests, ie 13.6 volts something.

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