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Hmmm, all my SSG's and fans have been non standard. Your circuit must be wired correctly or the thing would not run. the only times i had problems with charging is when the resistor in the trigger circuit was too low. Im not being bad here but did you check the polarity of your output diodes. Another possibility is a partially damaged transistor.

I think using multifilar coils is to lower the coil impedance as the impedance matching to the battery gives better results also multiple coils can be used to increase power to match the C20 of a larger battery or battery bank. If the device you are using is poorly matched to the battery it may be poor at charging.

A100ah battery would ideally require 5A input but anything in the range of 1 to 10 amps would work, I am using 200mA to charge 60Ah batteries but it is very slow and not good at desulphating.
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