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what is the all important criteria for ssg?
what is the one thing that charges batteries?

i joined the monopole group 3, and they say that "mine is a non standard build" and so they cannot help or support, ie tune it, or maintain the tuning, coz it seems to vary.

one day it is charging to 17.10 volt and today it is not going over 12.77 volts. every thing is the same, did not make any changes. {later on i did}

so again. what is the all important thing?

i watched imhotep's video, {here ""} and his is a non standard build doing fine,

so from what i understand, it is the collapsing magnetic field, that induces a voltage or spike it the winding, [that is natural] that is tapped and directed towards the battery.

if all this is happening correctly, why is the battery not getting charged? {not a sulfated one but a good one that is being charged correctly with a 3 stage microprocessor controlled charger}, even after charging conventionally to 14.4 volts, when it is connected to ssg, the voltage drops slowly to 12.77. why?

it is not the wheel material - see imhotep [it is a fan]
it is not the magnets - see imhotep [it is not all north]
it is not the size of the magnets - see imhotep
it is not the shape of the magnets - see imhotep [it is round]
it is not the strength of the magnets - see imhotep
it is not the free spin time - see imhotep [quite less]
it is not the gauge of wire - see imhotep [#30 or something]
it is not the number of turns - see imhotep [maybe 100 turns]
it is not the use of non magnetic material because 2N3055 is iron! the case is.
it is also not the resistance of the wire - see imhotep [40 ohms]
it is not the components also, because i changed my transistor to BC547. and the diode to IN4148, ie the base diode, and the hard disk platter spins consuming only 56mA. [ reaching the same rpm as before in a much shorter time!] before is was between 150 - 200 mA, disconnecting charging battery also does not blow the transistor, bcoz the neon is not connected. allowing it to self oscillate also does not heat the transistor, the way i see it , there is no need to use a 15 amp transistor to switch 200 milliamperes of current!

OK so i have reached the criteria of the lowest current consumption {56mA} for a bifiler, 850 turns, swg 23 and 26. battery still does not remain at the float voltage with my non standard build, i can even go as far as saying that if i connected an oscilloscope, it would show the exact same wave, that the so called standard builds achieve!!

one more thing to ponder here, if this is a current-less voltage charging batteries, then, why do you need trifilar, quadfilar or 10 coils? why else but to multiply current!
200mA x 10 coils is 2 amps, the exact amount required to charge 100ah batteries, in 12-24 hrs.

somebody shed some light here, everybody Input, i/ we need input!! somebody put your finger on the dot!

finally a note to all those who are about to build ssg. the most non standard build is right here in the link above, just get your wheel spinning, nothing else matters, and come back here to see if anybody is taking us to a new level.

sorry for rambling on. i just had to get things off and make people think why, instead of just following instructions,
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