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Originally Posted by sudhirpaul View Post
Have you seen/noticed any change in the white stuff coating the plates?

what time frame are you hoping for?

I have similar battery and i can see the white stuff in 2 cells. Added magnesium sulphate to try and dissolve it but no improvement .

should i empty the battery and fill with distilled water before connecting it to ssg?

I was about to give up on ssg, bcoz the voltage hung at 13.77 for more the 6 hrs, did some modification to my setup, and the voltage has risen by 2 volts in the past hour and still climbing, ie 16.14 volts.
at what voltage should i disconnect? will the battery explode if left to continue? the battery is not hot, it is a sealed 12 volts 7 ah ups battery. 1 year old . was in regular use, but its capacity had gone down.

On the desulfation process, still a white mass and needs more cycles to
remove and I wouldnt leave that in there, empty and refill with distilled

I would'nt charge a 12V 7AH battery to over 14.5V due to the damage you
cause to the battery and if there gassing and boil away the electrolyte, there
is no way replace in a SLA battery.(if flooded cell, replace water and hope
there is no mechanical deformation of the plates)


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