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Originally Posted by sudhirpaul View Post
the voltage was not rising above 13.66, seems to be stuck there for more than 24 hrs,

I had the magnets wrong, south of the compass should point towards the magnets! and coil!

now voltage is 13.70,

upgraded to trifilar, current consumption has gone to 580 ma, from 150 ma,

using both the coils offset by approximately 100 degrees . both are firing, independently, (13.71 volts), i'm watching the meter as i type this. (13.72 volts) the speed decreases and increases, and so does the voltage, (13.73 volts), i have a good battery that reached 17.1 volts.

how many days did it take for you to desulfate the batteries, could you post steps here, detailed info, from cleaning to keeping it to charge and what you did to them, i have a dialup so unable to watch,

The batteries are still in the process of being desulfated and 1 plate is
heavily sulfated with a large crystaline mass about 20x20mm.
I hope that will vanish with a combination of charge/discharge cycles and
try multi-coil SSG/or a 7 transistor circuit bikewheel as JB utilizes in his
demonstrations will completely rejuvinate them.
(also, HV low uF cap-pulser to try instead of LV high uF that have in circuit)

My process thus far for rejuvinating 2 x 6V 420AH Trojan's L16H:

1.) Added demineralized water due to dry plates when found.

2.) Cleaned off the corrosion arond the terminals and tested on 12V 20A
conventional charger.
Battery A = 3.85V and could not obtain charge by conventional means.
Battery B = 4.51V could obtain charge at 6V 8A.

3.) Connected both Trojan's in parallel and when they settled was 2.9V
and charged for 60hrs on my SSG until they reached 4.2V.

4.) 24hrs rest, then topped up battery B on conventional charger to 6.9V.
Battery A, was charged again with the SSG to work the sulfation from the
The unit is tuned ATM to run at 3350-3400rpm @ 200mA with 2 PPM and
will have to desolder circuit to lower base resistance for these batteries,
but more likely will make a SSG/or SS SSG for this function

5.) Well, battery A will need this many times over and still reading up on the
best way to rejuvenate such "LARGE" amp hr batteries, and can it be done
for 200mA input in a reasonable time frame

Hope this answers your questions and ask if more needed, I'm new to SSG
technology I build first model 3 months ago, then 2nd few weeks ago.

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