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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
From a previous post:

Compare Dr Lisi's theory with this old Russian doc:

YouTube - ‪Resonance energy. Part 3 / Сила резонан�а. Ча�ть 3‬‏

I found some info on the russian doc: (unfortunately translated)


in part 4 of the doc (at 2:32 min) you'll see a similar looking device to Schauberger's Repulsine
also you'll see many fractal shapes

please watch part 4 at 5.00 min, let me know what you make of it

You have my attention with part 4, but I found parts 2 and 3 much more insightful. It seemed to be visually displaying some of the fractal functioning of some atomic structure. If you know walter russell's books, this seems to be showing atomic functions (along very similar lines). Very good share. Please let me know if you have any more info about this video series.

After seeing that guy play with the shape resonance of those structures -- It makes a whole lot more sense why "orgonite" in water, also affects the freezing structure of the ice -- much like your most recent coil, MM.

To me, it now makes complete sense why crystals would "resonate" with a specific frequency wavelength -- based on their thickness -- because the "resonating" wave is encapsulated within the entire crystal structure.

After hearing that -- I also understand why walter russell said "Crystals are the record in form of the state of motion of the potential which produced that form". I am reviewing chapter 10 in The Universal One, to try to better understand crystals.

The way I see it -- you are suggesting to use nanocrystaline structures to receive differing wavelengths, to cohere a bandwidth of "tap-able" energy.

MM, You have my full attention -- this is something that I feel "Powerme" briefly showed us a knowledge about, but had not yet directly shown a practical application of. Anywho, I'm still very interested in the subject.

Thank you for provoking new thoughts from me, about this information

Powerme also said that there were some old books about nanocrystaline materials. Do you know anything about any of these? I've been trying to find as much information about crystaline structure, and superconductivity -- especially that of super conductive ceramics -- as it appears to be
fractal in nature/ have a self-similar pattern.

Superconducting silicon : Nature

Silicon becomes a superconductor -

Powerme alluded to a "power source" if you could alloy different elements to acheive superconductivity. While I do not personally understand the molecular shape/structure nescessary to produce superconductivity -- the picture is becomming clearer in my head towards how I can make this a reality for myself.

It "clicked" that it is possible to combine the crystals to produce electrical oscilations -- attaching it to the superconductive matieral.

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