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Originally Posted by shawnnweed View Post
i've been thinking about the design he uses, wondering if this would not work better (resonance being a important factor in this set up) if we combine the principles used in Hutchison Power Cell to create a "crystal ball "cell or semi sphere like in peter davey invention see:

sonic boiler:

for the moe joe cell replace the water with the quartz mix and let it grow inside (sounds familiar; hint: earth core )

A - Initially, the Moe-Joe cell was not conceived as a hydrogen producer. It was created because it concentrates orgone energy, which can be used for combustion in internal combustion engines and also for healing. However, since some people have thought of using it as a HHO producer, it has shown some considerable results.
Frequently asked questions about the Moe-Joe Cell

Decoction lessens the matter :The process of boiling the matter to lessen it, or if you prefer the process of high frequency applied to matter/ Light (all is vibration see post )
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