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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
translated as nearly as I can interpret.

Extract from sunshine it's infrared and from the light its ultraviolet, by which the clouds hang over it(the earth) and keep away the light. (we all know that global warming is caused by the trapping of infrared light, which passes through clouds, while the clouds repel almost all types of ultraviolet light) by means of its construction, ALSO, and fiery redness (absolutely infra-RED), it is burned(sunset).
Take, my Son, this infrared, that is refracted by water, which is extremely hot, which if you wait will turn pure red (700 nanometers), then it will be usable, for them that wait upon it, and whom it falls on. (which are only those that wait on it.)
side note. Photo-voltaic cells spike at sunset due to the intensity of the infra-red spectrum.
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