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If you place an iron rod in a dark room and cause it to vibrate at first you'll only be able to tell it is vibrating by touching it.

Increasing the vibration to 32Hz will produce a loud and shrill sound and vibration can now be detected by both touch and hearing. Increase that vibration to 40Hz and you can no longer detect the vibration by touch or sound.

If you increase the vibration to 1.5MHz you cannot feel or hear the vibration but you can detect the vibration though the rise in temperature in the iron first warm and then the iron rod will glow red hot and can be detected by sight.

At 3MHz the rod is now producing violet light; increasing the vibration more will produce ultra-violet rays and other invisible radiations that can only be detected by special instruments.

There are so many "vibrations" flowing all around us that are invisible to our 5 senses who can tell how they affect us. Uranium emits and invisible radiation that will kill you. You cannot see it but it is there and kills. Who is to say how the other radiation affects the body and mind.

Isn't it possible that the mind radiates its own wireless transmissions that are received by other minds but we just are unaware of that as of yet. There is no scientific proof for or against this theory, yet so many people will just to the conclusion that it cannot exist. There are among the same people that would have disbelieved radio existed before it was proven that is does exist.

You MUST keep an open mind and use these methods as those successful have already used them to achieve success. Who are you willing to believe, those who have not succeeded or those who have?

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell

want to know how vast the electromagnetic spectrum is , Richard Hammonds does an excellent presentation (starts at 10 min):

YouTube - Invisible Worlds - Out of Sight 1/4.avi

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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