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Nice work

Originally Posted by sudhirpaul View Post
thank you mbrownn and ZeropointEnergy for quick reply

voltage has risen to 13.44 in 8 hrs. did some tweaking with the pot, to the point where it just starts to self oscillate.

12 volt 7 ah still gassing (all of them, but 2 are more than the others, caps keep popping every minute, for those 2 cells) waiting for it to reach 14.4 volts. battery is not hot, primary battery voltage is 12.38 - 12.40 for the past 8 hrs.


I've asked my friends to bring in their old batteries, one battery for me in return for rejuvenating one battery for them, people are agreeing, better than dumping them and polluting the environment.

one of my friend said that there are 40 batteries in one place, that needs to be disposed, just thinking.......

this is the first time that i posted in any forum and i think the experience has been a good one, thanks again

Hey Sudhirpaul,

That is great news and sound like you have obtained the desired result
I have seen a small amount of cold bubbling in the larger flooded cell I have
RE charged, I used brand new SLA 12V 7AH for initial testing, the results
were an increased capacitance.

Great news that you will rejuvinate batteries obtained from people to save
from recycling or landfill.
I found 2 Trojan 6V 420AH batteries that were dry and 1 heavily sulfated
cell and heavy corrosion on the terminals.
Success, here is a clip of them in a parallel 6V 840AH bank that measured
2.9V and a conventional charger would not deliver charge.
After 30hrs they were over 4V, then the conventional 12V 20A charger was
able to raise them to 6V.

‪Dan's Bedini SSGCharging 6V 420AH x2 Batteries in parallel at 200mA .AVI‬‏ - YouTube

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