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small problem with ssg

After initial failure and success, the battery voltage does not rise above 12.99 volts , has been there for a very long time.

1, what should the input voltage be?
2, should I discharge the battery and recharge again, or should i wait for it to climb to 14.4 volts before discharging?

i'm sure the battery was gassing because one of the caps popped and a tiny amount of liquid fell on my hand, i tasted it and it was very acidic. (i know because i had put distilled water in there)

the ssg is not changing and adjusting resonance anymore, just a fixed constant hum without variation, hence no increase in voltage.

what should i do ? my ssg is built around a hdd platter, reaching extremely high rpm. ( like it is about to lift off). the centrifugal force is stretching the tape and the magnet are hitting the core at a certain rpm, (tiny 2-3 mm by 1 mm depth, stretching the tape, had to bind it tightly to prevent them from doing that). It goes higher without any load attached,

3, should i reduce the rpm? how do i do that?

current drawn is between 70 ma and 170 ma

voltage produced is extremely high, (got a nasty shock).

coil winding is above 800 turns,but within 900 turns, (stopped counting when the wire started running out, just wound till it got over)

do I need to load the rotor to decrease speed?

i can hear some sounds coming from the battery, high pitched, like something cracking.
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