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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
You can venture even to say self healing....
I would say that's just the start.

Some humans have been "intuiting" or doing these things on their own -- I know some people who have practiced yoga and martial arts without knowing what it was -- and some who mditate and don't quite know why.

Either way, we are all finding out similar things, and I beleive it is going towards a similar goal.

Can you share any experience with your intuitive processes? I have several personal accounts of experiencing, and doing "healing", or a "spontaneous remission" of several conditions.

I would say, that it is not the system of memorizing which is powerful, or important. It is teaching you to perform small, precise mental excersizes which focus your intent, and attention -- when directing this focusing towards memorization, or other purposes (such as muscular repair/bloodflow, or "healing") -- I have noticed a directly resulting influence.

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