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Originally Posted by petar113507 View Post
Hey there MM.

I use a lot of techniques/tools in several memory processes. The idea was based on a system that someone had already created. It is called "Phenomenal Memory 2.0 'GMS' by Ruslan M".

The entire system is centralized around your visual processor to create, or recall impressions with very high precision. The precise-ness is dependant on the users abillity to generate clear, vivid images in their imaginative facillities -- so there are a few excersizes that are suggested (about 30 mins) to improve the acuity of the images their imagination can generate.

This phenomena is also "trance", or meditation. If one sits in stillness for 10-30 minutes, the quality of the images produced by the imagination increases. The excersizes in the GMS system are here: (txt file)


I am not the original uploader of this file.

As far as I can see -- you need to be able to be able to generate images on command, in order to store the data.

The Psychotechnical excersizes are centered toward generating the mental images.

PTE (Read PTE online)

WOW, i started reading the mental exercise manual , and all these warm ups, some of them, i have been doing without knowing what it was, which just makes me more aimed on what i have been doing thank you for you have thought me something new today

And yes it does improve on your ability to visualize a problem and to look at it from different angle..

I figure people on these forums might be a little more interested in this stuff, since this abillity was a component to tesla's success, and inspiration.
human is a creature of habit, you cannot easily convince people to abandon their method of work, all you can do is inform and let them make the choice for themselves... and some will be curious enough to try and experiment...

from Tesla's word:

Experience is made before the law is formulated, both are related like cause an effect

thank you again for sharing
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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