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Some examples of the excersizes I use to strengthen my imaginative capabillity -- practice.

A lot of these things are pretty easy to conceptualize if you've ever worked with a photoshop, or video processing tools. Changing colors. Sizes. Perspective/Rotation (like 3-d modeling), cropping/cutting out, "paste-ing in" ETC.

Try stopping where you are at with your two feet planted on the ground -- and try to rewind your day backwards. Try pausing various parts of the day and view "still frame" events or sights you had seen. Changing various elements and "zooming in/out" of mental pictures should be in the interest of you noting a clearer, more detailed memory -- or in the outside world, as you go through it.

Try looking at people as you pass them on the street. Take a mental picture of them -- and change the color, and size of their clothing. If you're uncomfortable with people, do it with objects at a grocery store. Make a potato the size of a mammoth. Make car tires insanely tiny. These things tend to look silly -- the effort is to stretch the imagination to generate more detailed visual impression on command.

With practice, and clear impressions -- you then "can use the techniques to associate, and store data". so the book says.

From the table of contents page 30-100 has the most information I'm looking for in it.

127-150ish has the memorization techniques. - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Check out the book -- read the table of contents. I might be able to help with getting some parts of the system to work for anyone, if they're interested.

The applications of this go beyond memorizing information. I beleive you also can learn to become more in tune with more subtle impressions your body can give you -- or some of the vauger "intuition" with some things.

Is this Still 'on-track' MonsieurM?

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