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Hey there MM.

I use a lot of techniques/tools in several memory processes. The idea was based on a system that someone had already created. It is called "Phenomenal Memory 2.0 'GMS' by Ruslan M".

The entire system is centralized around your visual processor to create, or recall impressions with very high precision. The precise-ness is dependant on the users abillity to generate clear, vivid images in their imaginative facillities -- so there are a few excersizes that are suggested (about 30 mins) to improve the acuity of the images their imagination can generate.

This phenomena is also "trance", or meditation. If one sits in stillness for 10-30 minutes, the quality of the images produced by the imagination increases. The excersizes in the GMS system are here: (txt file)


I am not the original uploader of this file.

Now these excersizes are "warm ups" for your brain. The document came with a warning not to do the excersizes before bedtime or trying to sleep after intense practice, as they can occasionally spontainously produce lucid dreams. I view this as deactivating the body sufficently, to the point where the mind can wander into a dreamlike state. A dream can sometimes be somewhat a sustained wandering -- however there is a level of focus that needs to be present to immerse oneself into the the thoughts/dream in the first place. I feel this is why the body needs to be "deactivated", to disallow sensory distractions from streaming in through other senses.

Under other instruction there are similar techniques, there are similar processes to subject a person to (or that they subect themselves to) that produce states, like OBE, or "astral projection". These techniques are centered around physical relaxation, then visual, or sensory impression generation -- and sustaining the source of those impressions. Because we are focusing around the image generation first, and not the sustained impressions -- I would like to shift the focus to some techniques of more immedeate benefit.

As far as I can see -- you need to be able to be able to generate images on command, in order to store the data.

The Psychotechnical excersizes are centered toward generating the mental images.

PTE (Read PTE online)

I figure people on these forums might be a little more interested in this stuff, since this abillity was a component to tesla's success, and inspiration.
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