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Originally Posted by petar113507 View Post
I'm listening. You might even have the same way of using your visual cortex to imprint solid memories within loops. Also, incidentally -- fractal in nature. MM, would you like to discuss this? I am interested.

One of these simple techniques is like storing visual images as like a Russian doll. Using symbolic representation, there is little information that your brain cannot store. Since we are living fractal systems, I believe there is no limit to the amount of data stored -- some of the extreme examples in practice are savants, or a "genius".

Or Polymath (Polymath - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ), and it would be my pleasure to discuss it. Only through a constructive dialogue could we advance this research...

being a fractal entity, storing data as you said , using the Russian Doll Method, it is possible to store an incredible amount of data in you brain, what we need is a well defined method ( i'm sure there plenty being fractal and all ) to open the door to increasing memory, and Using symbolic representation seems to be the best way to go

note: what will be discovered here is applicable to other domains (you know...fractal universe....etc... )

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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