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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
thank you for the info IndianaBoys

I discovered also a mental exercise on my own, but one think is required the ability to visualize yourself (takes a little time to get used to) from up top (as if you are looking down on yourself ). Now close your eyes, relax, look down on yourself (hint: your brain already knows the position you are in, just ask it to project it for you). Once you are there, seeing yourself down there open a donut coil on top of your head (make it big enough so your body can fit in the middle, your brain likes to respect proportions), and lower it and feel your head going through it until you get to your toes, and back up again.

little secret of mine to feel more relaxed and get acquainted with this antenna that is my body (works for me )

note: your eyes even closed will tend to follow the up down movement.

if it works on you, i'll show you a trick on how to remember things

I'm listening. You might even have the same way of using your visual cortex to imprint solid memories within loops. Also, incidently -- fractal in nature. MM, would you like to disucss this? I am interested.

One of these simple techinques is like storing visual images as like a russian doll. Using symbolic representation, there is little information that your brain cannot store. Since we are living fractal systems, I beleive there is no limit to the ammount of data stored -- some of the extreme examples in practice are savants, or a "geinus".


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