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Originally Posted by Dave45 View Post
Ed's work is the inspiration that started all my theory's great man.
I think that the magnetic fields run beside each other in oposite directions, thats why water goes down the drain clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere.
Iv seen some vids that show that the fields both spin in a clockwise or right hand twist this is not true one is right hand twist and one is left hand, if you take two springs one left and on right you can see the difference.

Iv held this theory for awhile, I wound a coil that imitates these fields and thier direction and posted in the Muller thread, then someone called it a Caduceous coil
Iv found some strange info on this coil, supposedly given to Wilbert Brockhouse Smith mmmmmmmmm from some where - aliens

I will be experimenting more with this coil, using it in my crystal experiments.
If youv never heard of this coil it makes for an interesting read.
Just google Wilbert Smith or caduceous coil.
link to caduceus coil

Wilbert B. Smith: Gravity Control ~ Binding Force ~ Caduceus Coil ~ Letters ~ Circuit Diagrams

see also these two post, in one of them i propose a slight modification to The Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (which uses piezo (ie quartz like ) ) replacing coil with a caduceus coil

Hi Norm: Found a way to nearly triple the I/O ratio of the barium ferrite transformer. Use
a piezo in series with the primary and tune the sig gen to three times the resonant freq of
the magnet... I'm only using a single magnet from the pair, and the res freq is 10800 HZ.
However, using the piezo as a coupling cap, and tuning the sig gen to 32400 HZ, the input
power is 3.4mw, and the output power is 9.7 mw. The measurements are taken across
Dale precision resistors. This isn't going to drive much of a load, but by applying more
power than half a volt from a sig gen will, if the same power ratios apply at greater input
levels. The piezo's lattice being connected to the magnet's lattice causes harmonic
sympathetic vibrations and this is a way to avoid "tuning" the magnets, as "Sparky" did.
Because the piezo is resonating, it is "coupling" the input + free electrons, sort of like a
quartz lighter. Applying this to the magnet at the third octave of the magnet's resonance
will keep the magnet in a state of agitation, which releases MORE free electrons. This
plus the high impedance of the input, especially when you consider that it is a series
resonant circuit (typically LOW impedance) allows the output power to exceed the input
power. ~ Joel
32400 Hz = 3 + 2 + 4 = 9


Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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