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just FYI: Ed Leedskalnin agreed with Tesla when he mentioned in his book:

The Last Stoic: Coral Castle Code Broken


Science says energy is canceled when Positive and Negative connect, but Ed said there is still something there when the electric is not. Ed Leedskalnin said that science is misled by this false electron principle. He said there are no electrons and the false conclusion came about by giving the cathode in a vacuum tube a double dose of negative, from an unbalanced power source that was used by Thomson

interview with Dr. Tesla from

Popular Science - Nov 1928 - Page 16

BESIDES his world power scheme, Dr. Tesla says he is devoting his time chiefly to his vertically rising flying machine. This aerial flivver is to weigh less 200 pound...
...On the whole subject of matter, in fact, Dr. Tesla holds views that are startlingly original. He disagrees with the accepted atomic theory of matter, and does not believe in the existence of an "electron" as pictured by science or, he maintains, if it can exist at all, it does so only in perfect vacuum...
...Even before the discovery of radium, Tesla expressed his belief that radioactive rays were of this sort, a view ridiculed at that time. When radium was discovered it was found actually to emit particles of matter ....Tesla has maintained ever since that radium is not a generator but a transformer of energy, the emanations being caused by cosmic rays of immense power capable of penetrating all obstacles however thick.
Popular Science - Google Books

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