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Hello everyone ,

Heres a few videos of my bedini learning curve .

YouTube - bedini one coil

YouTube - bedini bike wheel

YouTube - bedini one coil harddisk

YouTube - my bedini energizers of solar

Im sorry bout the quality

buts each one helped me advance ahead in learning .
This forum has been a great encouragemment and infomation sharing is great .

The last video has my latest bedini with three coils , it pull 330-340ma
I had to make the magnet to coil spaces bigger because it just went incredibly fast and wanted to take off like a helicopter , so until I make some kind of shield I have it out a bit and runs ok , Charging seems ok thus far .

A few things Iv learnt was tunning is very important , I downloaded xscope and made a lead with a voltage divider and its perfect for tunning , however I noticed that it also effected the bedini ie when i take the scope leads off speed changes , therefore I would use my clamp ammeter and occasionally quickly check wave forms ,

so yes tunning is importatnt and is a bit of job for 3 coils .
spacing of magnets to coils also changes the tunning of your bedini .

ie if you change space of magnets to coil you would have to retune with different base resistance .

Conditioning batteries is a must , I know its very frustrating with long charges but as kevin mentions is a previous post i read he did not start seeing good results until he cycled them like 20-30 times .

Smaller batteries are easier and faster to cycle , I have a couple of small 1.3 ah batts and I cycled them many times , now I can charge these small batteries from 12 to 14.5 in like 3-4 hours .

I also did not wait for them to reach above 14 volts when cycling them I was taking them off at like 13.2volts , but as time went by they were charging faster and higher .

I am also now charging 12ah pretty good got them now to charge in like under 7 hours from 12.3 to 13.4 volts , but they are improving each time .

So what im trying to say is be patient , let things go along , and load them up at their c20 discharge rates and not higher , Im using them on night ights for the kids.

Thanks to everyone who inputs to the evolution of alternative energies in this forum .
Btw I have now connetected up a solar panel and regulator and running my bedinies off that for while .

I read here that some are hooking the charging batteries in series ?
up to 24v or 36v on the charging side .

can anyone comment on the results , and is the run battery still 12v in this setup ?

I tried it quickly and I hooked the 2 12ah batteries in series and they seemed and voltage seemed to be increasing , but I never left it like that .

Any info on this would be great .

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