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Trying that now and just found something really wierd...

i hooked 4 of my dead batteries in series and then hooked them in parralel with the battery on the sg i'm charging (that's how its done isnt it?)

well here are the battery voltages:

Charging battery = 13.17v

and going from the negative to the positive side of the charging battery

battery 1 = 12.11v
battery 2 = 7.51v
battery 3 = -14.19 (yes, MINUS 14.19 volts)
battery 4 = 7.17v

battery 3 was the dead dead dead battery that was only on 0.5volts
battery 2 is the other dead dead dead battery that had been charging on the sg for 2 days.

what is up with the minus voltage?! is that even possible?

i'll see what they are doing after an hour
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